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amad224's picture
Graduate Student, Writing Center Tutor
Applied Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Language Pedagogy, Sociolinguistics
bibrun2's picture
emfe222's picture
Graduate Student, WRD Teaching Assistant
Discourse Analysis, Conversation Analysis (CA), neurogenic communication disorders
1322 Patterson Office Tower
mwha228's picture
Master of Arts in Linguistic Theory and Typology
Second Language Acquisition, language revitalization, Greek Language, Sociolinguistics, Biblical Studies
nrha223's picture
J.D. Candidate, University of Kentucky, College of Law
mghu223's picture
Corpus Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax, Dialectology, Natural Language Processing
1522 Patterson Office Tower
kele235's picture
1318 Patterson Office Tower
joma222's picture
Assistant Director of the 2017 Linguistic Institute
220 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-4964
mwoy222's picture
Master of Arts in Lingusitic Theory and Typology
lsc233's picture
Teaching Assistant
1222 Patterson Office Tower
sta262's picture
Graduate student, Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant
1522 Patterson Office Tower, Meet me during my office hours on Tue-Thu at 10-11, or by appointment
ALTH234's picture
Teaching Assistant
Anthropological Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Slavic Languages, Sociolinguistics
1222 Paterson Office Tower
tva228's picture
Graduate Student, WRD Teaching Assistant
1206 Patterson Office Tower
kewr222's picture
Sociolinguistics, WRD Teaching Assistant
Racialized Language, Historical Sociolinguistics, Neurolinguisitcs, Language Contact and Sprachbünde, Language Planning and Policy, Mother-Tongue Education, Sociphonetics, Social Equity, Critical Race Theory, Cultural and Media Studies, Discursive Psychology, Language Ideologies, Entextualization
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