The Dean's Office

Mark Kornbluh - Dean
202 Patterson Office Tower

       Kirsten Turner - Chief of Staff
       263 Patterson Office Tower

   Abbie Loynachan - Executive Assistant to the Dean
   (Contact for Appointments with the Dean)
   202 Patterson Office Tower

   Camille Harmon - Dean's Office Administrative Associate
   253 Patterson Office Tower


Senior Associate Dean of Faculty
Ted Schatzki -Senior Associate Dean of Faculty
257 Patterson Office Tower
  • Appointment Process for Instructional Faculty at All Levels
  • College Elections to Faculty Committees
  • Faculty Distribution of Effort (DOE)
  • Faculty Merit Reviews (All reviews)
  • Faculty Moving Expenses
  • Faculty Offer Letters
  • Faculty Personnel Issues
  • Reviews of Probationary Faculty
  • Recruitment and Hiring Processes
  • Retirement Discussions
  • Sabbaticals and Scholarly Leaves
  • SACS Compliance (TA’s and PTI’s)
  • Sexual Harassment Liaison
  • Teaching Assistant Training
  • Tenure and Promotion Processes
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Betty Lorch - Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies
239 Patterson Office Tower 
Kyna Estes - Grants Officer Senior
237 Patterson Office Tower
Patty Coleman - Grants Program Coordinator Principal
120A Chem Phys Building
Mary Boulton - Grants Officer
237 Patterson Office Tower
Kara Cecil - Grants
213B Patterson Office Tower
Cherice Phelps - Grants
224 Patterson Office Tower
  • Approvals for Sponsored Funding Proposals
  • Capital Planning
  • College-Funded Research Support
    • College Research Activity Awards
    • College Enrichment Fund
    • Sabbatical Funding
    • Summer Research Fellowships
  • Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment
  • Facilities Issues and Space Planning
  • Faculty Start-Up and Bridge Funding
  • Major Equipment Requests
  • NEH Summer Stipend University Competition
  • A&S Graduate Programs
    • RA/GA Tuition Scholarships
    • A&S Fellowships & TA Awards
    • Graduate Recruitment
    • Graduate Program Assessment
  • University – Funded Research Support
    • Research Support Grants
    • Research Professorships
    • Summer Research Fellowships
    • Wethington Awards
For grant related questions or Dean's signature on grant related documents route through Abbie Loynachan, 202 POT, 257-1375.
  • Pre-award & Post-award Research Administration
    • Electronic Proposal Submission
    • Financial Research Management & Budget Issues
    • Proposal Budget Development
    • University Internal Routing Process & Review of   Research Proposals
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Anna Bosch - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
241 Patterson Office Tower 
  • Academic Integrity, Cheating, and Plagiarism
  • Course Fees
  • Educational Policy Committee Issues
  • Course Proposals
  • Changes in Requirements for Majors and Minors
  • Curriculum Development Proposals
  • Faculty Advisor for Undergraduate Student Affairs Issues
  • Interdisciplinary Programs (IDP)
  • SACS University Reaffirmation – College Contact
  • Teacher-Course Evaluations
  • Topical Major Program Supervision
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Selection
  • University Academic Related Committees
  • Assessment/Student Learning
  • Academic Readiness
  • Retention
  • College-wide Academic Advising
  • A&S Ambassador Program & A&S Week
  • Academic Probation Counseling
  • Recruitment, Advising Conferences
  • Retention Efforts & Graduation Efforts
  • Liaison to Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
  • Course Planning and Scheduling
  • Summer School Planning
  • Teaching Resource Planning
Ruth Beattie - Associate Dean of Advising
202 Patterson Office Tower
Charlotte Anderson - Career Development Specialist
303 Patterson Office Tower
Alicia Seabrooks - Academic Advisor
377 Patterson Office Tower
Joe Lewis - Academic Advisor
327 Patterson Office Tower
James Thomas - Academic Advisor
329 Patterson Office Tower
Jennifer Ellis - Academic Advisor
331 Patterson Office Tower
Jennifer Garlin - Academic Advisor
301 Patterson Office Tower
Krista Abner - Academic Advisor
315 Patterson Office Tower
Lara Hillenberg - Academic Advisor
305 Patterson Office Tower
Shaun Ketterman - Academic Advisor
375 Patterson Office Tower
Kristen Aitkin - Academic Advisor
333 Patterson Office Tower
Emily Baldwin - Academic Advisor
303 Patterson Office Tower
Dr. Sarah Ballard
Pre-Law Advisor
319 Patterson Office Tower
Chris Miller - Academic Advisor
373 Patterson Office Tower
Phyllis Nally
Pre-Health Sciences
Academic Advisor
309 Patterson Office Tower
  • Oversight of the College Academic Advising Services
  • Co-Curricular Student Programming
  • Retention and Graduation Efforts
  • SAP, APEX Monitoring and Exceptions
  • A&S College Bulletin Updates
  • Oversight of College Degree Requirements for Students
  • Daily Oversight and Troubleshooting of Student Advising Issues
  • Advisor Education
  • Advising Development
  • Degree and Audit Certifications


Joe Lewis:
  • Primary contact for advising initiatives and communication with other units on campus (such as Registrar's Office)  
  • Initial point person to receive and handle student complaints
  • Changes in APEX for A&S majors
  • Foreign Language Exams
  • Midterm grades, early alerts, non-registered students


Jennifer Ellis
  • Advising Conferences
  • Merit Weekends
Alicia Seabrooks
  • FastTrack Program
Shaun Ketterman
  • Probation Students
  • Reinstatements and appeals
Jenn Garlin
  • A&S Course Promotions
  • Advising Webpages
  • Advising related technologies
  • Coordination of A&S sections of UK101
Residential Colleges
Adrienne McMahan - Assistant Dean Undergraduate Affairs,  Residential Colleges
202 Patterson Office Tower 
Jessica Pennington - Student Affairs Officer
373 Patterson Office Tower
Christine Blank - Administrative Director, Wired Residential College
202 Patterson Office Tower
Eva Ellis - Student Affairs
323 Patterson Office Tower
  • Residential College:  Greenhouse, LEXengaged, STEMCats & Wired
  • Academic Probation and Suspension
  • College Rules Governing Students
  • Mid-term and Retroactive Withdrawals, Late Adds, Reinstatements
  • Retention and Graduation Efforts
  • Bankruptcy, Learning Disability Exceptions, and Student Inquiries 





Office of Development
Beth Wells- Director of Development and Advancement
273 Patterson Office Tower
Laura Sutton - College Advancement Officer
275 Patterson Office Tower
Lisa Blackadar - Director of Annual
Giving and Alumni Engagement
222 Patterson Office Tower
Laurel Hostetter - Director of Annual
Giving and Alumni Engagement
220 Patterson Office Tower
Mailing Address: 202 Patterson Office Tower, Lexington, KY 40506-0027
  • Central Development Liaison
  • Individual Alumni/Relationships/Cultivation
  • Fundraising
  • Endowment Information
  • Major Gifts
  • Estate and Planned Gifts
  • Annual Giving
  • Alumni Engagement


Kelvin O'Dell - Director of Space and Facilities
267 Patterson Office Tower
Mike Adams - Space and Facilities Coordinator
106 Thomas Hunt Morgan
Kelly Muschong - Space and Facilities Coordinator
365 Patterson Office Tower
George White - Space and Facilities Coordinator
271 Patterson Office Tower
Jay Young - Safety Officer
505 Rose Street
Renae  Mantooth - Space Planner & Facilities Design Coordinator
365 Patterson Office Tower
  • Responsible for all College Facilities, On and Off Campus
  • Ensures safety  and adequacy of College space
  • Facilitates renovations and planning
  • Leads College's annual space and equipment inventory program
  • Provides assistance with shipping and receiving
Jesse Hedge - Assistant Dean  Enrollment Management & Decision Support
249 Patterson Office
Will Bickers - Recruitment & Retention Coordinator
251 Patterson Office Tower
Takashi Iwasaki - International Student & Program Recruiter
251 Patterson Office Tower
Aaron Vaught - Senior Scheduler & Data Analyst
233 Patterson Office Tower|
Raegan Wilson - Senior Scheduler & Data Analyst
235 Patterson Office Tower
Andy Johnson - Scheduler & Data Analyst
231 Patterson Office Tower 
Kari Burchfield - Scheduler & Data Analyst
231 Patterson Office Tower
Holly Hatfield - Graduation Officer
317 Patterson Office Tower
Nicholas Brooks - Business Analytics Developer
630 South Broadway
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Course Scheduling
  • Data Analysis
  • Graduation Certification


Finance and Administration
Kirsten Turner - Interim Chief Financial Officer 
263 Patterson Office Tower
              Kathleen Harman - Director,      
              Financial Planning
              271 Patterson Office Tower 
Stella Matuszak - Assistant Director of Human Resources and Finance
213 Patterson Office Tower
Jen White - HR Manager
205 Patterson Office Tower
    Stephanie Morris - Program Manager
    Student Employment
    213 Patterson Office Tower
        Stacey Wilks - Payroll 
        213 Patterson Office Tower
        Marc Heft - Payroll Specialist
        213 Patterson Office Tower
        Eileen Zahn - Payroll 
        213 Patterson Office Tower
        Stephanie Francis  
         Payroll Specialist
         213 Patterson Office Tower
Pam Thompson
College Budget and Operations Manager
205 Patterson Office Tower
Jennifer Bradshaw - College Budget and Operations Manager
201 Patterson Office Tower
   Kelley Salyers - Budget 
   Lead/POT Finance
   351 Patterson Office Tower
   Tina Navis- Budget Analyst
   351 Patterson Office Tower
Linda Elmore - Financial Analyst Coordinator/POT Finance
351 Patterson Office Tower
Denise Beegle - Financial Analyst Senior/POT Finance
351 Patterson Office Tower
Cheryl Edwards - Financial Analyst/POT Finance
351 Patterson Office Tower
Lisa Hiscox - Financial Analyst/POT Finance
351 Patterson Office Tower
Beverly Taulbee - Financial Analyst Senior/POT Finance
351 Patterson Officer Tower
Heather Pike - Financial Analyst/POT Finance
351 Patterson Office Tower
Sarah Morey - Grant Program Coordinator/POT Finance
351 Patterson Office Tower
Lori Eckdahl - Budget Analyst Lead/Kastle Finance
124 Kastle Hall
Pam Webb - Financial Analyst Coordinator/Kastle Finance
116 Kastle Hall
Pam Stephens - Financial Analyst Senior/Kastle Finance
125 Kastle Hall
Diana Griffieth - Financial Analyst/Kastle Finance
125 Kastle Hall
Kristen Sutherland - Grant Program Coordinator/Kastle Finance
116 Kastle Hall
Rick Mullins - Budget Analyst Lead/Science Finance
120 Chemistry/Physics Building
Michelle Schardein - Budget Analyst Lead/Science Finance
223 Thomas Hunt Morgan
Melissa Cowan - Grant  
Program Coordinator
Senior/Science Finance
121 Chemistry/Physics Building
Joseph Wiley - Financial Analyst Coordinator/Science Finance
101 Thomas Hunt Morgan
Nikki Noe - Financial Analyst Senior/Science Finance
101 Thomas Hunt Morgan
Heather Pigram - Financial Analyst/Science Finance
117 Chemistry/Physics Building
Joshua Duruttya - Financial Analyst/Science Finance
216 Thomas Hunt Morgan
Angela Traugott - Financial Analyst/Science Finance
177 Chemistry/Physics Building
Patrick Welch - Financial Analyst Associate/Science Finance
216 Thomas Hunt Morgan


  • Financial Management Strategic Planning
  • Operational Budget Strategic Planning


Finance and IBUs:

  • Procurement of Goods and Services
  • Employee and Student Travel
  • Independent Contractors
  • Discretionary Policy
  • Purchasing
  • Grants


HR and Payroll:

  • Approval of All Faculty & Staff Payroll Actions
  • Overall Human Resources (HR) Policy
  • Salary Recommendations
  • Sexual Harassment Liaison
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Staff Position Descriptions (New, Updates, and Reevaluations)
  • Staff Related Issues
  • Staff Merit Review
  • Staff Overloads
  • Visa Processing for Faculty, Staff, Post Docs, and Visiting Scholars
  • Faculty DOE Processing
  • Advertise Staff Positions
  • All Payroll-Related Questions



Office of Creative and Technical Services - The Hive
Jennifer Allen - Co-Director of HIVE (Director of Communications & Creative Services)
901 Patterson Office Tower 
Brian Connors Manke - Assistant Director of Communications & Creative Services
977 Patterson Office Tower
Vacant- Audio Producer & Social Media Coordinator
975 Patterson Office Tower
John Buckman - Director of Video Production
957 Patterson Office Tower

Shaan Azeem - Art Director
957 Patterson Office Tower

Scott Bradley - Co-Director of HIVE (Director of IT)
925 Patterson Office Tower
Vidya Rangnekar - Desktop Support Manager
953 Patterson Office Tower 
Nijad Zakharia - Web Services Director
921 Patterson Office Tower
Scott Horn - Server Administrator/Programmer
923 Patterson Office Tower
Jonathan Milby - IT Infrastructure Director
929 Patterson Office Tower
Luyi Su - IS Technical Support Specialist
927 Patterson Office Tower
Sarah Condley - IT Operations & Project Management
923 Patterson Office Tower 
Mike McKenna - Systems Programmer Senior
907 Patterson Office Tower
Noah Adler - RSystems Programmer Senior
951 Patterson Office Tower
Alaa El Mediouri - Instructional Technology Director
961 Patterson Office Tower
Neena Khanna - Instructional Technology Support
955 Patterson Office Tower
  • Graphic Design and Support
  • Media and Public Relations
  • News and Event Releases
  • Audio Production/Podcast Support
  • Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Ampersand, A&S Magazine
  • Web Content Support (non-instructional)
Brad Harrington - Director, Staff Support and Development/Staff Advocate
265 Patterson Office Tower
  • Staff Advocate
  • Staff Training
  • Staff Professional Development
  • Department Manager Team Lead
Travis McKenzie - Director, Project Management Office
1461 Patterson Office Tower
Megan Koshurba - Student Affairs
Support Coordinator
202 Patterson Office Tower
Krista Greathouse - Events and Initiatives Manager
1455 Patterson Office Tower
Genecia Norwood - Staff Associate  (A&S Front Office)
202 Patterson Office Tower 
  • Project Management Office provides methodical approaches to initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing of projects, events and initiatives. We have guidance, documentation and metrics related to the practices involved. 


A&S Events 


Student Employment 
  • primary contact for student employment needs and requests
  • facilitate job posting and interviews
  • student employee professional development and training


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