Family & Medical Leave

The policies adopted by the University of Kentucky for the implementation of the Family and Medical Leave Act are contained in the Administrative Regulations under (AR II-1.1-12). Department chairpersons serve an important role in the successful implementation of the act at the university. The pertinent portions of Family and Medical Leave regarding untenured faculty are reproduced below. Chairpersons should refer to the full text in the Administrative Regulations; furthermore, chairpersons are encouraged to discuss all faculty requests for family or medical leave with the Associate Dean of the Faculty in the Dean's Office.

FMLA and Untenured Faculty

During any period of leave approved under this policy, the employee's original date of employment (service date) shall be retained. In accordance with university policy (AR II-1.1-12), the provost, in consultation with other university officials, shall determine Family and Medical Leave status for non-tenured faculty to insure reinstatement to an equivalent position, including any suspension of the probationary period. Non-tenured faculty members may apply for an extension of the probationary period of 26 weeks beyond the date given on the original Notice of Primary Academic Appointment and Assignment if they take Family Medical Leave of 6 weeks or more. If the total of Family Medical Leave, during the probationary period, exceeds 26 weeks, the faculty member may apply for an extension of 1 year beyond the date given in the original Notice of Primary Academic Appointment and Assignment.

To apply for an extension of the probationary period, the faculty member must file a written request for an extension of the probationary period with the dean, with an informational copy to the chairperson, no later than the last day of the fifth year of the probationary period. Failure to make such a request in the time period stipulated in this policy may be excused by the president on a showing by the faculty member of an exceptional reason for the failure to comply.

The faculty member whose application for extension is approved is not expected to present a record of accomplishment different from that expected for a probationary period of normal length.

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