Waterfalls and Temples in China

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A day with Yiwen Chen (the Hive's Chinese Social Media Specialist - catch her on RenRen & Weibo) and friends, sightseeing and playing mah-jong in the mountains of Nanxijiang Waterfalls located in Yantou, Yongjia, Zhejiang, China. Photographs by: Dana Rogers

Driving in China and playing Mahjong in a Cave

Driving was one of the most chaotic experiences in China. In this video we are driving to the Waterfall Temple, where we will play Mahjong. Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance, which originated in China. Yiwen and her friends taught us how to play the game of Mahjong in a Cave behind a Waterfall.


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