Hiring Procedures

To extend an offer to a faculty candidate the department chair needs to send a letter that includes:

  • A statement of salary being offered.
  • Terms of the appointment, including (1) temporary or tenure-track; (2) academic rank; (3) length of initial contract; and (4) length of probationary period, year of tenure review, and if any, prior service credit.
  • A statement concerning the failure to complete the Ph.D. and its effect on salary and rank.
  • A statement concerning the requirement imposed by our accreditation agency that all new faculty - full-time and part-time - must provide an official academic transcript from the institution at which the faculty has earned his or her highest academic degree.
  • A statement on I-9 forms (relating to U.S. citizenship or permanent residence).  This offer is contingent upon your ability to present documents that will allow you to secure an I-9 certification through the Lexington Campus Employment Office. 
  • A closure date for the offer.  That is, if the offer is not accepted by a certain date it becomes void.
  • Where the initial appointment is at the rank of Associate or Full Professor, include a sentence which indicates the necessity for formal approval by the administration.

A copy of the offer letter should be sent electronically to the Associate Dean of Faculty, Sarah Lyon, at sarah.lyon@uky.edu, for review prior to sending it to the candidate.

Contact the Associate Dean of Faculty, Sarah Lyon, at sarah.lyon@uky.edu or 257-5038, for a model of the college offer letter.

After an offer is accepted, forward the letter of acceptance and demographic worksheet immediately to the dean's office for all new appointments.  The material listed below should be submitted within 2 weeks after candidate has accepted the position.

  • Written judgments from the appropriate department faculty.
  • Official transcript of terminal degree earned.
  • A complete up-to-date vita.
  • A signed Affirmative Action Information form.
  • A letter giving the department chair's recommendation.
  • Teaching area assignment form.
  • If the appointment is above the rank of assistant professor, see the appropriate section on tenure review in the regular and special title series.

Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion in the Research Title Series

Establishment of a Position

To establish a position in the Research Title Series, the department chair shall contact the Associate Dean of Faculty to discuss the establishment of this position. Once approved the department chair shall (1) prepare a proposal demonstrating the need for such a position and indicate the source, amount, and term of funding for the program of research or creative activity to which the position is related, and (2) obtain approvals of the dean of the college, Vice President for Research, the Dean of the Graduate School, with final approval of the Provost. 

For AR concerning this position go to this link.

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