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Placement Procedures

We are currently placing students into languages we teach based on the students' previous experience with the language. Some languages also require written tests or oral interviews. For languages offered in our department, select the language you have studied below and click the link to take you to information about placement in that language. This is also the way to determine if you have met the equivalency for the UK language requirement in languages taught at UK. Please note: placement does not award credit, but instead places you into the correct level and determines if you have satisfied the language requirement with previous experience.

Arabic  |  Chinese  |  French  |  German  |  Greek  |  Hebrew  |  Italian  |  Japanese  |  Latin  |  Russian

If you are interested in taking a test in a language not taught at UK to determine if you have met the UK language requirement, click on the link below. These tests will not award credit on your transcripts, but only provide equivalency for the language requirement. Please note: You should contact your academic advisor BEFORE scheduling a test, and/or if you have questions about satisfying the language requirement. You may find your academic advisor through MyUK.

Languages Not Taught at UK