Probationary Faculty Mentoring

Formative Classroom Visits for Probationary Faculty Attendant to Mentoring

By August 2008 all A&S departments will have implemented a mentoring process for probationary faculty.  The purposes of the mentoring process are to help probationary faculty adjust to their new environment, provide them with guidance as they launch their research agendas, help them navigate the appropriate levels and types of institutional and professional service, and help improve their teaching. 

With regards to improving probationary faculty’s teaching, the College encourages faculty mentors and their probationary faculty engage in an informal, on-going dialogue on teaching.  This discussion should be amplified by the mentor attending two to three of the probationary faculty member’s classes per year.  In doing so, the mentor will be able to provide formative advice and feedback regarding a probationary faculty member’s teaching.  No formal evaluation of the classroom visits should be written or included in the probationary member’s FMER, second-, third-, or fourth-year reviews, or promotion and tenure dossier.  However, the department chair should ensure that these observations take place and are discussed with the probationary faculty member.


Approved by the Executive Committee by a vote of 6 to 0, 10/01/07

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