Summer Research Fellowships


2016 Competition

All tenured and tenure-track faculty members, as well as senior lecturers, in the college are invited to apply for Summer Research Fellowships. The maximum award for the current year is $3,000 and may be used as funds to support travel, equipment, materials, graduate research assistants, or other research and development needs, but not faculty salary nor laptops. Fellowships will be awarded for the summer of 2016, with funds to be expended by August 15, 2016. Generally, faculty who have a significant amount of research funding, have received the award in the past two years, or have start-up funding are unlikely to receive an award.

Application Procedures

Proposals should be limited to three pages and must be accompanied by a letter of support from your department chair. Please also attach an abbreviated (2-3 page long) curriculum vitae. If the applicant has received Summer Research Fellowship from the College of Arts & Sciences in prior years, a one-page progress report outlining the research accomplishments and specific results disseminated should be included in the application.  The cover sheet (located here), Budget form (located here), and application materials are to be submitted by Friday, March4  March 11, 2016 to Camille Harmon at For questions, please contact Betty Lorch, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, 257-1375 or  Announcements will be made by the end of April.

Criteria for selection

1. Scholarly or creative merit of the activities proposed.

  • Value of the project, including its originality and potential contribution to scholarship.
  • Clarity and completeness of the proposal. While the substance of the proposal may prove to be technical, the scope and significance of the project should be understood by a scholarly layperson. Please include references to relevant scholarship.
  • Project's potential for contributing to the professional development of the participants.
  • Potential for disseminating and/or applying anticipated achievements through publications, grant proposals, presentations, and development of curricular and instructional activities.

2. Scholarly or creative productivity of the project director and participants.

  • Quality and quantity of professional products, in relation to field and years of academic service.
  • Consistency of professional productivity, in relation to years of academic service.
  • Other academic achievements and contributions, appropriate to the applicant’s discipline (e.g., awards, national offices, editorial assignments).
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