Andrew Hippisley

  • Professor of Linguistics
  • Chair of Department
  • Linguistics
1677 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:
Office Hours Wednesday 9-11

Ph.D. Linguistics University of Surrey
MA Russian Language & Literature, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London.

BA Russian Language & Literature, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London


My pre-linguistic life revolved around Russian literature, and my MA thesis (University of London) was on Nabokov's Ada. It was during this time that I disovered computing through the Prolog language.  I then went to the University of Surrey to take up a research position working with Grev Corbett on a project on the computational description of Russian morphology, leading to an interest in morphology more generally, and (of course) typology. While at Surrey I took a faculty position in the Department of Computing where I researched and taught computational linguistics and language engineering.  In 2007 I arrived at UK to join the university's Linguistics Program. 


Areas of specialty:
My main area of research is in morphology, including its interface with syntax and phonology, using the following methods:

  • computational modelling of the lexicon and its interface with syntax
  • using default reasoning as a way of capturing regularity, semi-regularity and exceptionality
  • using frequency analysis as a way of modeling language use
  • incorporating diachronic data into synchronic models

Linguistic phenomena that I have covered using these approaches are:

  • deponency
  • suppletion
  • grammatical number
  • inflectional morphology
  • word-formation
  • basic color terms of the Slavonic languages

Current / recent courses:

  • Analysis of English Syntax (LIN/ENG 512)
  • Grammatical Typology (LIN/ANT 516)
  • Historical Linguistics (LIN/ANT 519)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (LIN/ENG 211)
  • Introduction to Computational Linguistics (LIN 511)
  • Research methods (LIN 601)
  • Linguistic Theory and Typology Seminar (LIN 701)
  • Advanced Syntax (constraint-based) (LIN 612)
Selected Publications: 


Digital publications


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