01|21|15 - Rewriting The Recipe -

Fifteen weeks of class sessions, assignments, readings, discussions, projects, and tests…Sometimes it doesn’t feel long enough to fit everything in. However, UK Linguistics professor Mark Lauersdorf and visiting professor Joachim Scharloth collaborated on designing a compressed course comprised of just five days.

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09|30|14 - UK College of Arts and Sciences: 106 Years of Excellence -

More than an “s” has been added since the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Science was created in 1908 with only seven faculty members.

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07|07|14 - Old School Skills: Erica Mattingly -

When University of Kentucky student Erica Mattingly enrolled in one of Andrew M. Byrd’s linguistics courses, she had no idea she would be rewriting history — or at least re-speaking it.

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03|13|14 - UK Students Receive Scholarships to Study Critical Languages -

Two UK students have been awarded Critical Language Scholarships to study Arabic and Turkish languages.

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04/23/15 - Public Lecture: "From Arab nationalism to New Media"
, Dr. Keith Walters (Portland State University) @

in CB 110 (Whitehall Classroom Building)

04/24/15 - Seminar Series: "Speak-English-Only Rules in the Workplace: Language Ideologies, Research, and Lived Experience"
, Dr. Keith Walters (Portland State University) @

in Alumni Gallery (WTY Library)

04/24/15 to 05/01/15 - Kentucky Poetry Festival

in Lexington and UK's campus

04/29/15 - Seminar Series: Undergrad Research Presentation
, TBA @

in Niles Gallery

05/01/15 - English Department Awards Day 2015

in Lexmark Room, Main Building


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