06|01|15 - Summer Camps That Are Fun and Educational - There is a surplus of summer camps available for local children, but the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences offers a summer day camp experience beyond the norm — camps focusing on linguistics, geography, creative writing and philosophy - more...
01|21|15 - Rewriting The Recipe - Fifteen weeks of class sessions, assignments, readings, discussions, projects, and tests…Sometimes it doesn’t feel long enough to fit everything in. However, UK Linguistics professor Mark Lauersdorf and visiting professor Joachim Scharloth collaborated on designing a compressed course comprised of just five days. - more...
09|30|14 - UK College of Arts and Sciences: 106 Years of Excellence - More than an “s” has been added since the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Science was created in 1908 with only seven faculty members. - more...
07|07|14 - Old School Skills: Erica Mattingly - When University of Kentucky student Erica Mattingly enrolled in one of Andrew M. Byrd’s linguistics courses, she had no idea she would be rewriting history — or at least re-speaking it. - more...
03|13|14 - UK Students Receive Scholarships to Study Critical Languages - Two UK students have been awarded Critical Language Scholarships to study Arabic and Turkish languages. - more...
11|07|13 - UK Community Encouraged to Get Involved at NCUR 2014 - The National Conference on Undergraduate Research will bring nearly 4,000 additional students from across the country to the UK campus where they will present their research and creative endeavors while meeting other like-minded students. - more...
10|18|13 - Fables of the Reconstruction: Andrew Byrd - Proto-Indo-European, which Dr Byrd studies, is the prehistoric ancestor of hundreds of languages, including English, Spanish, Greek, Farsi, Armenian, and more. - more...
09|27|13 - Book It - Recent Publications From the Department of English - It was an excellent summer for the Department of English as six faculty members published books in highly-regarded presses. - more...
09|26|13 - When Grammar Meets Programmer - UK linguistics Professor Gregory Stump co-authored "Morphological Typology: From Word to Paradigm," with computer science Professor Raphael Finkel. - more...
Year of Europe Kickoff Come to our kickoff event for the Year of Europe! Passport to the World... @ Memorial Hall Lawn
Dr. Cynthia Vakareliyska (University of Oregon) Public Lecture: "German Migration to the East in 18th/19th-Century Europe" @ Lexmark Room (Main Building)
Dr. Cynthia Vakareliyska (University of Oregon) Seminar Series: "Sociolinguistics of Language and Identity in 'Language Islands' " @ Niles Gallery (Fine Arts Library)
Dr. Kevin Rottet (Indiana University) Seminar Series: "Language Contact and the Structure of Welsh and Breton" @ Niles Gallery (Fine Arts Library)
Dr. Kevin Rottet (Indiana University) Public Lecture: "Celtic Languages in Historical and Contemporary Perspective" @ J.F. Hardymon Theater (Davis Marksbury Building)
Dr. Chris Montgomery (University of Sheffield, England) Public Lecture: "The role of perception in the ‘creation’ of dialect areas" @ UKAA Auditorium (W.T. Young Library)
Dr. Chris Montgomery (University of Sheffield, England) Seminar Series: "Proximity, boundaries, and cultural prominence: The perception of dialects in Great Britain" @ W.T. Young Library 2-34A
Dr. Victor Friedman (University of Chicago) Public Lecture: "The Roma in Their European Context" @ UKAA Auditorium (W.T. Young Library)
Dr. Victor Friedman (University of Chicago) Seminar Series: "Topics in the Structure of Modern Romani" @ Niles Gallery (Fine Arts Library)
Dr. Karlos Arregi (University of Chicago) Public Lecture: "The Basque Language and People – intriguing origins, complex context" @ TBD
Dr. Karlos Arregi (University of Chicago) Seminar Series: "The Morphotactics of Basque Finite Verbs" @ TBD


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