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Linguistics Signature Program

*Program is inactive. Waiting on further correspondence.*

Linguistics Signature Program

UK students studying Linguistics within the College of Arts & Sciences have the opportunity to take classes in one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

In late 2019 University Paris Diderot is merging with another university to create the Universite de Paris.

This exchange program has been designed by Faculty in the UK Linguistics Department and offers Linguistics majors the opportunity to enroll in courses that are not covered at UK, including Discourse Analysis, Intonation, Psycholinguistics, Corpora in Generative Linguistics, Language and its Interfaces, Phonetics for Varieties of English, and Semantics & Pragmatics.

No French language is required to participate in this exchange program.



The official dates are TBD. 

However, final exams end around the third week of May and students are then free to leave. You only need to stay in Paris if you want to retake any of your exams during the second 2 weeks in June.


Deadline to apply for Spring admission