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Linguists in the Media

Rusty Barrett

New York Times "What Does it Mean to 'Yassify' Anything?"


Allison Burkette

Subtitle Podcast "The Speechways of the Folk"


Andrew Byrd

I Don't Understand with William Shatner "Where Did Language Come From?"


Jennifer Cramer

Monks, Michael. 2022. "The Kentucky Side: Does Northern Kentucky have a southern accent?" Link NKY.

Martin, Tom. 2022. “Program for February 10, 2022.” Eastern Standard. WEKU (Richmond) Radio.

LeComte, Richard. 2021. “Linguistics Professor’s Knowledge of Language Helps Improve Exams for Family Doctors.” College of Arts & Sciences (UK).

Stringer, Jay K. W. 2021. “Country queen snags All-Star crown, furthers conversation on the rural Queer voice.” Queer Kentucky.

Atkins, Audrey. 2021. “What’s so funny about my Southern accent?” Reckon South.

Friedlander, Whitney. 2021. “Walker, Clarice, The Queen's Gambit: Y'all, We Need to Talk About TV's Southern Accent Issues.” Paste Magazine.


Josef Fruehwald

Indignity Vol. 2, No. 20: The mysterious lingo of Philadelphia–Baltimore.


Dennis Preston

Interviewed by Kavita Pillay, forthcoming for the Linguistic Society of America-sponsored podcast Subtitle on “General American.”

Interviewed by Jahi Whitehead, forthcoming for the Gimlet Media podcast, Every Little Thing, on American newscaster English.

Interviewed by Savannah Wright, forthcoming for a CNN podcast on Dialect Diversity in

the US.…

Interviewed by Aja Drain, forthcoming for an NPR Codeswitch broadcast/podcast on the

use of the lexical item “folk(s).”

Interviewed by Jessica Mendoza and Jingnan Peng, for the Christian Science Monitor

podcast Say That Again? Episode 1: “You are how you sound.”

With Valerie Fridland, Interviewed by Jahi Whitehead, for the Gimlet Media podcast, Every Little Thing, on American newscaster English. 



Interviewed for the podcast Oh, I see by Chloe Henderson for “Perceptual Dialectology and Midwestern dialects.” First broadcast January 26, available at Apple [], Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, iHeart, Stitcher, and Twitter).


Interviewed for USA Today, on the use of “black” for African-American identity.