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Chair's Message

Welcome to UK’s Linguistics Department. Linguistics is the scientific study of language, a uniquely human capability whose systematic study sheds light on human behavior and thought.  We ask the question: What is a possible human language? To answer we have to cross disciplinary boundaries, both informing and drawing on the fields of philosophy, computer science, anthropology, psychology, sociology, world languages and literature, among others.  The aim of our undergraduate major is to equip students with an understanding of the core components of language as a complex system and to elucidate the use of language in society.  In pursuing this degree students develop career-ready skills such as analytical thinking, articulate communication, problem solving and thinking ‘outside the box’. Graduates enter professions in law, information technology, speech pathology, education, government and more.  We also offer a master’s degree in linguistic theory and typology, and an undergraduate/graduate conversion degree.