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About Linguistics / Chair's Message

Chair's Message

Welcome to the University of Kentucky’s Linguistics Department. Linguistics is the scientific study of language, a study which our department approaches from a number of different angles. Linguistics is a cross-disciplinary pursuit in many regards; both informing and drawing on the fields of philosophy, computer science, anthropology, psychology, sociology, world languages and literature, among others. Linguistics calls on its scholars to be creative in terms of topics and modes of discovery, while being objective and fact-based as we engage in discussions (large and small) about the nature and structure of human language.

The aim of our undergraduate major is to equip students with an understanding of the core components of language as system that is complex yet describable, and is intimately tied to culture and to personal and societal identities. In pursuing this degree, students develop career-ready skills such as analytical thinking and problem solving abilities, enhanced communication skills, and experience conducting research. Graduates enter professions in law, information technology, speech pathology, education, government and more. We also offer an undergraduate/graduate conversion degree through the University Scholar’s Program and a Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics. Regardless of the degree being sought or direction taken after you earn that degree; your time in the Department of Linguistics will be rewarding.