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The Department of Linguistics invites UK faculty to become affiliated members of the department. We welcome anyone with an interest in language and linguistic explorations (broadly defined). Becoming an affiliate enables a faculty member to:

1. Be added to a linguistics affiliates listserv where departmental events of interest to affiliates will be advertised.

2. Explore opportunities to cross list courses being taught in the faculty member’s home department with an LIN prefix.

3. Add your Linguistics affiliation to your CV, UK profile, etc.

4. Be included on the Linguistics Department website.

5. Participate (as allowed by UK rules regarding graduate faculty and the composition of graduate committees) as members of graduate thesis committees in Linguistics.

6. Attend specific meetings regarding the role of affiliates in promoting the mission of the Department of Linguistics, when scheduled.

Becoming an affiliate does not obligate a faculty member to participate in the items listed above, and faculty members can feel free to opt out as desired. Becoming an affiliate does not grant access to other rights and responsibilities associated with departmental membership in the Department of Linguistics (e.g., voting rights, committee service). The Department reserves the right to revoke affiliate status.

The process for becoming an affiliate is simple. Anyone interested in becoming a faculty affiliate in the Department of Linguistics should send an email with their name and email address (and any opt-out items) to the Department, who will work to ensure that the information is conveyed to the website, listserv, etc., as appropriate. As affiliates are entered, the department manager will announce new affiliates at regularly scheduled Linguistics Department faculty meetings. New affiliates will receive a welcome message from the department chair.

Some faculty, however, may wish to pursue a level of affiliation beyond what is described here. For example, it is possible that a faculty member already teaches a class that is regularly cross listed with an LIN prefix and wants to codify an agreement in which this course is offered in a regular rotation. Such a request would, as any curricular matter in the department, pass through a review by the Department of Linguistics curriculum committee; and, if it involves changes to the affiliate’s DOE, it would require that an agreement be reached between the department chair in Linguistics and the chair of the faculty member’s home department. Any faculty member interested in pursuing this kind of official agreement should reach out to the Linguistics department chair directly.