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CKLiC 2018 Abstracts

Abstracts are listed in presentation order:

Stewart Grace: “Why Doesn’t Siri Understand My Aunt Susie?”

Maddie Besser: “Constructing the Feminine: Critical Discourse Analysis of Punk Rock and Sororities

Phil Barnett: “The Great Vowel Movement: Did an Avoidance of "Shit" Transform the English Vowel System?”

Alex Gallagher: “Furbabies: Phonetic Variation in Male- and Female-Pet-Directed Speech”

Lucas Hill: “Language and Superpowers”

Zia Khoshsirat: “Is Galeshi a Correct Name?”

Lela Lyon: “Effectiveness of Narration Style in Television Shows”

Ryan McDonald: “Proto-Pomo Morphology”

Ali Salehi: “The distribution and the status of izāfa particle in Kurdish”

Eli Coomer: “Restricting Honorific Agreement in Japanese Verbal Morphology”

Elizabeth Wright: “Perception of Nonstandard Punctuation Discursive Functionality”

Taha Husain: “The Use of Implosive Consonants in Obama's Style Shifts”

Brandon Jent: ““That’s just what all this made me think about”: Oral personal narrative construction and production in Central Appalachia”

Avery Baggett: “A First Phonological Inventory of Gilaki”

Jarred Brewster: “An account of tonogenesis in ´Sheret”

Gihyun Gal: “Disrespectful attitudes make your verbal arts so lovely: The use of English and Korean swear words, expressions, and rhyming patterns in Korean disrespectful rap battles.”

Phil Barnett & Taha Husain: “Somatic Analysis of Attic Greek Drama: Sociolinguistic Differences Among Speaker Groups”

Colin Smith: “Teaching Nationalism: Encoding of German Identity by Deutsch als Fremdsprache Teachers”

Keynote: Brian Joseph, The Ohio State University:

"Think Globally, Act Locally: Analogy as Local Generalization"