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CKLiC 2019 Abstracts

Alex Gallagher: "Phonetic Variation in Computer-Directed Speech"

Brent Watts and Tyler Laycock: ​"Dialect Accommodation at the Borders of Appalachia: Intersecting Identities in Central Kentucky"

Steven Gerencser: "Reading Kanji: A Cross-Sectional Study"

Stewart Grace: "The Guise of Preference: Sexual Racism in the Online Gay Community"

Ryan McDonald: "PMKNPIE: A Parsed Morphological KATR Network for Proto-Indo-European"

Tyler Kibbey: "Soli Deo Gloria: Constructions of Christian Imperialism in the Journal of John Allen Chau"

Lucas Hill: "Pitch Change in Pet Directed Speech"

Christopher Dale: "Marxism, Language, and the Case of Japan"

Anna Romaniuk: "Droga Pani Ministro: The Grammaticality of Polish Feminization and its Social Reception"

Julia Cox: "Female Stand-Up Comedians and the use of Masculine Language Features"

Brent Watts: "Differing Uses of the Subjunctive Mood with [+past] words: A Corpus Analysis of the Spanish Language"

Collin Smith: "Perceptions of Accented L2 German Speech"

Robert Bell: "Spanish Variation: Sounding like a Tico"

Aleah Combs: "The Effects of Emotional Prosody on Response Time to Commands"

Avery Baggett: "A Corpus-based Approach to the Acquisition of AP Position in French"

Taha Husain: "Cognitive Explanation for Optimality Theory’s GEN Function"

Monica Larcom: "Statistical Analyses of Proto-Semitic Reconstructions and Language Change"

Eli Coomer: "Suppletion in Word-Paradigm Morphology: The Case of Japanese Honorific"

Gihyun Gal: "A way to enjoy Korean Hip Hop: Development of Rhyme tactics in Korean Syllable Structure since Korean Hip Hop met Rhyme Tactics from Original Hip Hop"

Jarred Brewster: "Contrasting ideologies and interdiscursivity in Sh´ ˙ erE¯t-Jibbali social medi"

Lela Lyon: "Taylor Swift: From Banjos to Badass"