CKLiC Participants

Abstract Guidelines

Submitted abstracts should contain the following information:

  • Title of your presentation.

  • Descriptive abstract of your presentation.

  • Ranked list of your preference for presentation type ("full"; "lightning"; "poster" – see "Presentation Format" below).

Your abstract should not exceed one single-spaced page (plus up to one additional page for data, graphics, and references), with 1-inch margins, and a font style and size like: Times New Roman 11 or Arial 10 (or similar).

Abstracts undergo a double-blind review process, so your abstract should *not* include your name or any other identifying information.

You must indicate (in ranked order) your preference for presentation type ("full"; "lightning"; "poster" – see "Presentation Format" below).  If you only wish to be considered for one type of presentation (e.g., only "poster"), then please only list that one type as your presentation preference (you may wish to provide a rationale for listing only that one type).  If you might be interested in more than one presentation type, then list them in your order of preference.

All abstracts should be sent to Katia Davis at

For help on how to write an abstract please click here.


Presentation Format

Applicants have the choice of presenting in one of three formats: Full presentation, lightning talk, or poster.

1. Full Presentation: a 20-minute presentation with a 10-minute question period following (30 minutes total).

2. Lightning Talk: a 7-minute presentation with a 3-minute question period following (10 minutes total).

3. Poster: an (interactive) digital poster is to be presented during a 2-hour poster session.

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