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Mission and Values

The Linguistics Department’s mission is based on three objectives:


Offer a first-rate undergraduate degree in the discipline of Linguistics.  In particular, we aim to provide our majors (and minors) with a solid theoretical grounding as well as practical experience in the formal analysis of linguistic structure at the phonological and grammatical levels, and to familiarize them with the sociological principles regulating the processes of language variation, language change, and language acquisition and learning.  We strive to equip our majors with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the nation’s top graduate programs in Linguistics, or to successfully pursue a range of careers.


Make significant contributions to the rapidly expanding body of research devoted to understanding the nature of human language.


Foster interest in the scientific study of human language, and to provide curricular support to other degree programs across campus.

The miracle of language, one of our most fundamental human gifts, is waiting for you to explore with us. Please contact me or any of the faculty if you are curious.