Major in Linguistics

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Bachelor of Science in Linguistics 


Students must complete the fourth semester of a foreign language.
Core Courses (11 courses | 33 hours)
Two (2) foundational courses:
  • ENG/LIN 221 Introduction to Linguistics I
  • ENG/LIN 222 Introduction to Linguistics II
Four (4) Major Area courses (chosen from the following):
  • LIN 500 Phonetics
  • LIN 505 Morphology
  • LIN 512 Analysis English Syntax
  • LIN 515 Phonological Analysis
Five (5) Other Linguistics courses:
Select fifteen additional hours of LIN courses of which six (6) or more must be at the 500 level and distinct from the major area courses
Courses Outside the Major (5 courses | 15 hours)
Select five additional courses, to complete 15 hours, from related fields such as anthropology, computer science, modern and classical languages, English, Hispanic studies, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, or courses approved by the Director of the Program.
For further information concerning the Linguistics Major, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Andrew Byrd,