Scholarships, Grants and Awards

Scholarships and awards are available from a variety of sources. Below are a few suggestions for where to begin your search:

  • The Linguistics Program’s Annual Undergraduate Linguistics Research Award

    Every year, the Linguistics Program grants an Undergraduate Linguistics Research Award; this is a competitive award given to one ($500) or two ($250 each) undergraduates to facilitate an independent semester-long or summer research project in linguistics.

    The 2007-08 award was granted to Jenisha Watts for her project “Bluegrass Black English: A Linguistic Research Project in Lexington, Kentucky”. The 2008-09 award was granted to Jonathan Fisher (for his project “Adpositions and Clitics in Shughni”) and to Dustin Zerrer (for his project “Kinship Terminology in Four Iranian Languages”). The 2009-2010 award was granted to Joshua Cason (for his project "Ancient Greek Verbal Morphology and Phonology in the DATR System") and to Jacqueline Horne (for her project "Chinese Tone Perception in American Musicians and Non-musicians of Various Ages"). The 2011-2012 award was granted to Clinton Parker (for his project "Morphosyntactic Alignment in the Sarikoli Language "). The 2012-2013 award was granted to Nathan Hardymon (for his project "Perception of Dialects and Dialectal Boundaries in Kentucky").

    Contact Andrew Hippisley ( for application details.

  • College of Arts & Sciences 

  • UK Academic Scholarships

  • The Office of External Scholarships

  • ROTC

  • Education Abroad Scholarships and Grants


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