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When Grammar Meets Programmer
UK linguistics Professor Gregory Stump co-authored "Morphological Typology: From Word to Paradigm," with computer science Professor Raphael Finkel.
jcho222 Thu, 09/26/2013 - 10:29 am
Photographic Mind - Hive's Dana Rogers is the UK Student Employee of the Year
Most well-functioning campus workplaces at the University of Kentucky have one thing in common: student workers.
nrsa222 Mon, 05/13/2013 - 03:19 pm

Skype with an Astronaut at A&S Sneak Peek

Catch a sneak peek of the amazing opportunities with the College of Arts & Sciences!

Dr. Ravat's Exploring the Solar System class had the privilege of doing a Skype interview with NASA Astronaut Dr. Drew Feustel. The Mission Specialist veteran detailed his drive to become an astronaut, his experiences in Space, and how NASA research connects to life on Earth.

Watch the full video here!

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