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Linguistics Graduate Student Association

The purpose of the Linguistic Graduate Student Association (henceforth LGSA) is to enhance the social, networking, outreach, and professional development experiences of graduate students in linguistics and the language sciences. This includes, but is not limited to, promoting linguistics related activities, facilitating mentoring opportunities, undertaking communications with linguistics faculty, increasing awareness of and advocating for linguistics related issues on campus at the University of Kentucky.


LGSA AY 22-23 advisor:

Mark Lauersdorf


LGSA Officers AY 22-23:

President: Ian Schneider
Vice President: Catie Mott
Treasurer: Patrick Gehringer
Secretary: Ellie Wren-Hardin
Director of Outreach: Kaitlin Young & John Winstead
Director of Committees: Connor Bechler
Graduate Student Congress Representative: Kathryn Copeland
LGSA Officers AY 23-24:

President: Kathryn Copeland

Vice President: Patrick Gehringer

Secretary: Madison Fuchs

Director of Committees: Kaitlin Young

Treasurer: Hunter Hulett

Director of Outreach: Virginia Anderson (potential co-director forthcoming)

Graduate Student Congress Representative: Stella Takvoryan


Contact us:

Find our Facebook page for upcoming events and interesting tidbits. (You must log in to Facebook in order to view the group.)