Fabiola Henri

  • Assistant Professor
  • Linguistics
935 Patterson Office Tower
Research Interests:

PhD Theoretical & Descriptive Linguistics University Paris Diderot Paris 7, France
Dissertation Committee:
Anne Abeillé (U. Paris Diderot), Vinesh Y. Hookoomsing (U. of Mauritius), Ivan A. Sag (Stanford U., Reviewer), Anne Zribi-Hertz (U. Paris 8, reviewer), Alain Kihm (CNRS, President), Arnaud Carpooran (U. of Mauritius)
MA Linguistic Sciences Major Linguistic Engineering, University Paris Sorbonne, ILPGA Paris 3, France.


I am a native speaker of Mauritian, a French-based Creole spoken in Mauritius, an island off the South East coast of Madagascar. I received my PhD from the University of Denis Diderot Paris 7 in 2010,  where I worked with Anne Abeillé. My dissertation focused on verbal constructions in Mauritian and I have been honored to have had Ivan Sag on my dissertation committee. I have since then, been working on inflectional morphology and complexity in Romance-based creoles.

During graduate school, I had the chance to attend different summer and fall schools like the LSA at Stanford in 2007, the Journées Sémantique et Modélisation, EALING, Experimental Grammar, among others. I also taught many courses in France, in Mauritius and the US in various areas of Linguistics.

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I am a creolist whose main area of interest is the morphology of French-based Creoles. Because of the widespread belief that these languages are simple languages compared to their lexifier, this particular domain has been sorely neglected. My work also includes morphology's interface with phonology, syntax and semantics/pragmatics. It is based on :

  • fieldwork and corpus data
  • both synchronic and diachronic
  • statistical & experimental methods

And I seek to provide theoretically-informed descriptions of the data at hand. The proposed analyses are couched within a contraint-based framework and is implemented as far as possible on a platform for grammar testing like LKB.


Selected Publications: 

Books (author/co-author)

Fabiola Henri, Verbal constructions in Mauritian: morphological, syntactic and discourse-based aspects, Benjamins Creole Library. Amsterdam, 400 pp.

Viviane Déprez and Fabiola Henri (eds.), Negation and Negative Concord: The view from Creoles, Benjamins, Creole Language Library. Amsterdam.

Journal Articles

Olivier Bonami, Gilles Boyé and Fabiola Henri, Assessing empirically the inflectional complexity of Mauritian, Morphology. Springer.

Alain Kihm and Fabiola Henri, Inflectional Periphrasis in Creole Languages: The case of Mauritian and Kriyol, Word Structure. Special Issue. Edinburgh University Press.

Book Chapters

Fabiola Henri., “Attenuative verbal reduplication in Mauritian: a morpho-semantic approach", In The Morphosyntax of Reiteration in Creole and Non-Creole Lan- guages, Aboh, E., Smith, N. and Zribi-Hertz, A. (eds.) Benjamins, Creole Language Library. Amsterdam..

Fabiola Henri and Frédéric Laurens, “The complementation of raising and con- trol verbs in Mauritian", in Empirical issues in syntax and semantics 8, Bonami, O. and Cabredo-Hofherr, P. (eds.). 195-220.

Sibylle Kriegel, Ralph Ludwig and Fabiola Henri, “Les rapports entre créole et bhojpouri à Maurice: contact de langues et actes identitaires", In Multiple Identities in Action: Mauritius and some Antillean Parallelisms, Hookoomsing, V., Ludwig, R. and Schnepel, B. (éds.). PeterLang, Sprache-Identität-Kultur, Frankfurt. 203-252.

Ralph Ludwig, Fabiola Henri and Florence Bruneau-Ludwig, “Hybridation linguistique et fonctions sociales - aspects des contacts entre créole, français et anglais à Maurice", In Multiple Identities in Action: Mauritius and some Antillean Par- allelisms, Hookoomsing, V., Ludwig, R. and Schnepel, B. (éds.). Peter Lang, Sprache-Identität-Kultur, Frankfurt. 165-202.

Sibylle Kriegel, Ralph Ludwig and Fabiola Henri, “Encoding Path in Mauritian Creole and Bhojpuri: problems of language contact", In Roots of Creole Structures. Weighing the Contribution of Substrates and Superstrates, Michaelis, S. (ed.). Benjamins, Creole Language Library 33, Amsterdam. 169-196.

Published Conference Proceedings

Fabiola Henri and Anne Abeillé, “Verb forms alternation in Mauritian", On-line Proceedings of the HPSG-2008 Conference, CSLI Publications. 378-398.

Fabiola Henri and Anne Abeillé, “The syntax of copular constructions in Mauritian", On-line Proceedings of the HPSG-2007 Conference, CSLI Publications. 130- 149.

Fabiola Henri and Muhsina Alleesaib, Relative drop in Mauritian: the case of subject relativisation, On-line Proceedings of the LingO 2007, Oxford.

Fabiola Henri, Natural Language Processing: Developing and Implementing a Formal Mauritian Grammar, Proceedings of the LASU Conference 2004.


Towards a TreeBank for Mauritian, Strand 6 “Language Resources 4.6", Labex project Empirical Foundations of Linguistics, PRES Sorbonne Paris-Cité.

Hubert-Curien PESSOA project, La structure flexionnelle du portugais et des créoles à base portugaise - une perspective empririque, formelle et quantitative, Bilatéral project LLF/CELGA. Coordinators - Olivier Bonami & Ana R. Luìs.

GDRI- International Research Group on Creole Languages, Participants - LLF, (UMR 7110) & SFL (UMR 7023, Université Paris-8) & University of Amsterdam, University of Coimbra, University of Lisbon, ZAS, University of Orléans, University Aix-Marseille, University of Westminster. Coordinators - Olivier Bonami, Anne Zribi-Hertz & Alain Kihm.

Emergence and morphosyntax of creole languages, Strand 4 “Language Repre- sentation and Processing in a lifespan perspective”, Labex project Empirical Founda- tions of Linguistics, PRES Sorbonne Paris-Cité, Coordinators - Alain Kihm, Thierry Nazzi & Barbara Hemforth.

TUL project - Ellipse, Projet de la Fédération 2559 du CNRS - Typologies et Universaux Linguistique, Coordinators - Anne Abeillé & François Mouret.

TUL project - Corpus oraux et typologie de l’articulation syntaxe/prosodie, Projet de la Fédération 2559 du CNRS - Typologies et Universaux Linguistique, Coordinator - Martine Vanhove.


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