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Gilson Capilouto

Scholarly Interest
Dr. Capilouto has two primary lines of research. The first is focused on her clinical interest in infant and pediatric feeding. Specifically, Dr. Capilouto is investigating the impact of lingual dynamics suck-swallow- breath coordination in full term neonates and at risk neonates. Dr. Capilouto holds a patent on a device designed to collect lingual dynamics data during nonnutritive (pacifier) and nutritive (formula or breast-milk) sucking ( Dr. Capilouto’s second research interest involves the impact of cognitive correlates including memory and attention on discourse performance across the lifespan. Data to answer related research questions are derived from the NIH funded project “Discourse Processing in Healthy Aging”.

Educational Focus
Dr. Capilouto teaches undergraduate and graduate students in Communication Sciences and Disorders, as well as doctoral students in the Rehabilitation Sciences doctoral program.  As part of her affiliation with the RHB doctoral program,Dr. Capilouto is available to serve on committees, supervise research apprenticeships and independent studies as requested. In addition, she provides regular guest lectures for the University’s Human Development Institute, College of Education, College of Dentistry and the University’s Interprofessional Education program. 

Clinical Work
Dr. Capilouto continues active clinical work. In addition to assisting students in the Division’s speech and hearing clinic, she is part of a multidisciplinary clinic team, serving children with a history of prematurity or complications at birth. She also provides direct services in the UK Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.