Kevin B. McGowan

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  • Assistant Professor of Linguistics
  • Linguistics
  • Social Theory
1669 Patterson Office Tower
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Selected Publications: 

McGowan, K.B. (in press) Speech Perception. In Sociophonetics: Implications for Phonetics and Phonology, ed. by Lauren Hall-Lew and Jennifer Nycz. Oxford University Press

Lippi-Green, R., Barrett, E.R., Cramer, J., and McGowan, K.B. (in press) English with an Accent, third edition, Routledge Baese-Berk, M. M., McLaughlin, D. J.*, & McGowan, K. B. (2020). Perception of non-native speech. Language and Linguistic Compass, 14(7), e12319.

Medeiros, D.J., Mains, P., & McGowan, K.B. (2020). Ceiling Effects on Weight in Heavy NP Shift. Linguistic Inquiry1-26.

McGowan, K.B. and Babel, A.M. (2019) Perceiving isn’t believing: listeners’ expectation and awareness of phonetically-cued social information. Language in Society, 49(1), 1-26

McGowan, K.B., Johnson, M.T., Combs, A., and Soleymanpoor, M. (2019) Acoustic, non-invasive measurement of velopharyngeal aperture using a high frequency tone, Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences.

Beddor, P.S., Coetzee, A., Styler, W., McGowan, K.B., and Boland, J.E. (2018) The time course of individuals’ perception of coarticulatory information is linked to their production: Implications for sound change. Language, 94(4): 931-968

McGowan, K.B. (2016) Sounding Chinese and Listening Chinese: Perception, Imitation, and Authenticity. In Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistics Research, ed. by A.M. Babel. Cambridge University Press.

McGowan, K. B. (2015). Social expectation improves speech perception in noise. Language and Speech, 58(4), 502- 521. Chicago

Sumner, M., Kim, S., King, E., & McGowan, K. B. (2013). The socially-weighted encoding of spoken words: A dual- route approach to speech perception. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, 1015.

Beddor, P.S., McGowan, K.B., Boland, J.E., Coetzee, A., and Brasher, A. (2013) The time course of perception of coarticulation. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 133(4):2350-2366.

McGowan, K.B. (2012) Gradient Lexical Reflexes of the Syllable Contact Law. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society 45, Volume I, R. Bochnak, N. Nicola, P. Klecha, J. Urban, A. Lemieux and C. Weaver (Eds.), p. 445-454. Chicago Linguistics Society: Chicago.


PubMed Publications*: 
  • McGowan, KB "Social Expectation Improves Speech Perception in Noise." Language and speech 58, Pt 4 (2015): 502-21. Details. Full text
  • Beddor, PS ;McGowan, KB ;Boland, JE ;Coetzee, AW ;Brasher, A "The time course of perception of coarticulation." The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 133, 4 (2013): 2350-66. Details. Full text
  • Sumner, M ;Kim, SK ;King, E.;McGowan, KB "The socially weighted encoding of spoken words: a dual-route approach to speech perception." Frontiers in psychology 4, (0): 1015. Details. Full text
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