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Ian Schneider

Selected Publications:

Schneider, I. 2023. “It’s not real culture anyway”: Language ideologies of local and expatriate English teachers in rural South Korea. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America (PLSA) 8(1). 5503.

-Schneider, I. ‘English’s Expanding Linguistic Foothold in K-Pop Lyrics: A Mixed Methods Approach.’ English Today. Revised and Resubmitted December 2022.

-Gill-Saucier, T & Schneider, I. “Moving to Mecca” - A Case Study of Language Ideology, Insecurity, and the Unlearning of Appalachian Englishes in Lexington, KY. Journal of Appalachian Studies. Under review. Submitted June 2022.

-Schneider, I. & Shaffer, D. 2022. ‘Teaching Teachers and Principals: An Interview with Ian Schneider.’ Gwangju News. Online at <>