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Nour Kayali

Selected Presentations:
"Does this make sense?": The effect of matching guise in regional accent on grammatical acceptability judgements (Poster) · Linguistic Society of America 98th Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado. January 2023.
“Frying pans– who knew, right?”: The transformation of a target across multiple linguistic atlases (Poster with Eleanor Wren-Hardin) · American Dialect Society Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado. January 2023.
"Sounds like home": the effect of listener on matching guise in regional accent on syntactic acceptability (Poster) · 183rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Nashville, Tennessee. December 2022.
“You’re just making fun of my accent”: A Typology of Variation in Stylized Performance (with Ian Schneider) · New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV), Stanford University. October 2022.
Making Mid-Century Modern: The application of automated transcription systems to older data [Project Launch] (with Allison Burkette & Josef Fruehwald) · NWAV, Stanford University. October 2022.
Syntax Featuring Codeswitching: Developing an Adaptable Bilingual Grammar with HPSG · Central Kentucky Linguistics Conference (CKLiC), University of Kentucky. April 2022.
Choosing where you're from: Perceptions of 'home' and place-based accents (with A.C. Carter, Ty Gill-Saucier, Ian Schneider, Joseph Smath, & Jennifer Cramer) · Southeastern Conference on Linguistics (SECOL), Louisiana State University. April 2022.