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Gregory Stump
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics
Department of English

In recent years, my research has focused on the theory and typology of inflectional morphology:

  • In a series of publications, I have argued for an inferential-realizational theory of inflectional morphology known as Paradigm Function Morphology.  Most recently I have been investigating the role of inflectional paradigms as a grammatical interface and the algebra of morphotactics.
  • Together with Raphael Finkel, I have argued for a novel approach to morphological typology based on the implicative patterns in a language's inflectional paradigms.
  • Gregory Stump on ResearchGate

From 2006 through 2020, I served as co-editor of the journal Word Structure (Edinburgh University Press).

In 2017, I was inducted as a Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America:

Left to right: LSA President Alice Harris, Gregory Stump, Sali Tagliamonte, Anthony Woodbury, Marlyse Baptista, Greg Carlson, Nora England

Academic lineage:   

Contact Information
Ph.D. in Linguistics, The Ohio State University, 1981
M.A. in Linguistics, The Ohio State University, 1978
B.A. in French, University of Kansas, 1976
Research Interests
  • morphological theory and typology
  • morphological change
  • model-theoretic semantics
  • Indo-Iranian languages
  • English
  • Visiting Professor
  • Surrey Morphology Group
  • University of Surrey